Foreground Elements to Improve Your Landscape Photos

An engaging foreground element can do so much to take your wide-angle landscape photos to the next level. This is why you will constantly come across suggestions to include an interesting foreground in your images. However, in reality, when trying out this technique, it is common for beginners to spend a big chunk of their time looking for what to include. So in today’s video, we have landscape photographer Mark Denney who shares five techniques you can use to quickly and successfully identify foreground interest for your landscape photos:

“Wide-angle focal length is the focal length where it’s the most important to ensure that things in your scene are at different distances from your camera.”

This is why it becomes important in wide-angle landscape photography to include different elements in the foreground, midground and background. The difference in distances helps you emphasize each of those elements differently and also adds a sense of depth to your image.

Denney’s tips in helping you find the perfect foreground element are not about looking for a typical subject. In fact, they are more about looking for various visual cues that can work to make your image more engaging. So don’t start looking for a rock, a plant or a river to include in your foreground. Instead, look for colors that pop against a darker background. Keep an eye out for something that’s lit differently that makes it stand out from the rest.

And it’s not only about contrasting colors and lighting. You can find tons of shapes, textures and patterns in nature. They can help to instantly grab and retain the viewers’ attention. Keep an eye out for interesting elements with such properties and use them to keep the viewers engaged. You can even use them as leading lines to carve a path for the viewers’ eyes.

The examples that Denney shares will help you in visualizing these tips better. So be sure to watch the complete video. And the next time you’re out for some wide-angle landscape photography, make sure to remember and use these tips. You’ll be surprised by the impact these will make in your photos.

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