Food Photography Masterclass

 Food photography is everywhere! You can see it the streets, in restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, magazines, cook books, cafés—a million places. So why not take this intensive (and really fast) food photography masterclass, provided by worldwide-known chef Jamie Oliver and his personal assistant photographer David Loftus?

This is probably the answer to how the world’s top chefs photograph their food for recipe books. Take a closer look and find out for yourself:

Photographer David Loftus and Jamie Oliver have been working together for the past 15 years—the former shooting and the latter preparing the food for several cookbooks and websites.


In the video, David is using a Nikon D4, while Jamie uses a D3200, as they both try to achieve rich, colorful, and vibrant pictures of the food, thus telling the story of each ingredient composing the final dish.

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One response to “Food Photography Masterclass”

  1. Lakaus says:

    Food photography made nice and simple. Just wondering what was the lens that David used in his D4.

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