8 Levels of Photographer (But, Really 9)

It’s always good to be able to laugh at yourself and show the lighter side of life. Well, the guys over at DigitalRev TV are pretty good at that, and they’re at it again with this fun take on the different levels of photographer. Using a video game style as the theme, this video hilariously lays out the stages we all go through as photographers:

Level 0: Just Starting

You’re just getting started, so you spend all your time looking at other people’s photos.

Level 1: Keyboard Photographer

You spend most of your time acquiring a little bit of knowledge, just so you can abuse other photographers in online forums.

keyboard photographer

Level 2: Gear Geek

You’re pretty much just obsessed with collecting gear, and not so much about actually taking pictures.

Level 3: The Student

You are here to learn and have a lot of potential. You practice, take notes and want to become better.

Level 4: The Casual Snapper

You just enjoy taking pictures and don’t have any pretensions. You take pictures on a regular basis, often of random stuff, but you like it, so who cares?

casual snapper photo

Level 5: Hobbyist

You hone your skills all day and night, constantly reading about photography so you can be the best. By now, you know how to operate the camera well and what’s needed to get a good shot.

Level 6: Online Legend

You’ve mastered the art of marketing your photos online. These days, the only way to prove your work is to show how good you are compared to other photographers online. You can take great photos and you know how to present your work to get noticed.

online legend photo

Level 7: The Pro

You’ve made it. This is the dream for most photographers, but when you finally get here, you realize it’s not about getting paid for what you love to do, but for what the client wants you to do. And often, those clients don’t understand what good photography is.

Level 8: The Artist

This is the highest level of photographer. If you’ve reached this level, you probably wear a hat and live in a world of your own. You don’t care about technicalities or aim to be the most popular, you just do whatever you feel like and end up taking amazing photos.

photography artist photo

Fair enough, we often switch between these levels—as we progress, but also at any time throughout our careers—and may have even skipped one or two along the way, but I’m sure we can all relate to each level. Either you know someone like this, or you’ve been there at some point in your photography life. Which level are you?

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One response to “8 Levels of Photographer (But, Really 9)”

  1. Mojtaba Golestani says:

    Im a level 8 but im still stuck on level 2 :))

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