6 Easy DIY Filters to Enhance Your Photography

Want to enhance the mood of your photography using just household items? Sony put together this quick and straightforward tutorial on using items found around the house to make your own filters at home. From dreamy focus to building your own macro lens, you can easily start using these tips today:

Diffusion Filter Effect

This can soften your subject and create a dreamy haze.

diffusion gel

Take a clear gel and scratch it with sandpaper. Attach it to the front of your lens.

Magnifying Glass Macro Lens

macro lens

This one is easy. Just hold a magnifying glass up to your lens for a quick macro effect.

Cellophane Filter

Add color or mood to your photo.

cellophane gel

Cut out a square of colored cellophane and hold it up to your lens. Adjust to cover the whole scene or just a portion.

Dreamlike Focus Effect

Create a dreamy focus by wrapping your lens with cling wrap and securing it with a rubber band.

dreamy center focus

Smear petroleum jelly around the very edges for diffusion.

Stocking Filter

This effect creates a moody or ethereal look.

moody filter

Stretch a stocking around your lens and secure it with a rubber band.

Bokeh Shapes

You can turn the bokeh in your shot into any shape.

star bokeh

First, trace your lens on black construction paper and cut it out. Draw a shape in the center and use an Exacto knife to cut the shape out. Attach the paper by making a fitted border so it will stay on your lens. Put up a light source like Christmas lights or find a similar light source. Expose, and focus as needed.

Which filter will you try out?

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