3 Tips for Portrait Photography at Home

With a little creativity, even the smallest of homes can become a great location for portrait photography. Photographers Lucy Martin and Lizzie Peirce give a few tips on how to take creative portraits at home:

1. Use Angles

Whether you get up high or go down low, look for a perspective that you don’t typically see.

“It’s just about thinking differently and separating your work from the rest.”

portrait photography interesting angles

Look for new perspectives.

2. Create Depth

“In small ugly spaces, use depth and cover it up.”

depth in portrait photography

Give your portraits some depth.

Martin and Peirce cover up their less-than-ideal living space with a white sheet and mimic the look of a narrow hallway by putting a hand out near the camera.

3. Embrace White Walls

A white wall is a blank slate. Direct your focus to your subject and avoid clutter by using plain walls.

white wall as backdrop

A white backdrop forces you to be more creative.

Use props to add more to your story.

Throughout the video, Martin and Peirce focus on one thing: creativity. From going for unique angles to adding depth in unexpected ways to using unconventional backgrounds, getting an innovative shot is what it’s all about.

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One response to “3 Tips for Portrait Photography at Home”

  1. Gary Shirey says:

    I found the Lizzy and Lucy video on getting good photos at home very refreshing and insightful. Please do more of these. I will also try some of this at home.

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