10 Surefire Ways to Annoy a Photography Snob

If you know any sticklers for pictures, their constant criticism might get to you. Use the wrong lighting or light balance, and they’ll furrow their brows and stare you down disapprovingly. Thankfully, DigitalRev TV has compiled 10 handy tips to make sure you know exactly how to piss off your snobbish friends, whether you want to or not:

The 10 supposedly faulty behaviors in question are as follows:

  1. Use an ISO higher than 200. (“But it’s indoors.” “Well that’s not the point, is it?”)
  2. Take and keep images that aren’t 100% sharp.
  3. Don’t use a lens hood.
  4. Go without  a camera strap.
  5. Use P mode on a DSLR.
  6. Change lenses in an unsatisfactory manner.
  7. Use a smartphone to take photos.
  8. Use white balance for artistic effect.
  9. Blow out highlights. (“The lightbulb. Detail’s gone.”)
  10. Consider buying a mirrorless camera.

“It’s a DSLR. It’s not meant to be in P mode.”

We’ve enjoyed these guys’ humorous take on pro photography before, when they endorsed DSLR kit lenses. But the six minutes of this video might be their most spot-on satire yet.

Are you a photography snob? What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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3 responses to “10 Surefire Ways to Annoy a Photography Snob”

  1. Shaun White says:

    Another thing I know for sure pisses off the snobs, leave your auto focus audio indicator on…. Works every time, I do it now purely to piss them off.

  2. Tom says:

    None of the above would even get an eyebrow lift from the snobbish photographer associates I know. Unless, of course” you were to win some serious photo recognition using on of your “tips”. I am sorry, the above report wasn’t worth the screen space it took up. How about coming up with some SERIOUS ways to annoy real photo snobs.

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