The Life & Death of Film Photography (Dramatic Portrayal)

“Do they still make film?” How many times have you heard this? The medium that once served a giant and powerful industry has been thrown in with the likes of the rotary phone and the beeper. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know what film is, but at the same time, it’s hard to find someone that still shoots with it. The use of 35mm film dropped very far and very fast after the event of digital cameras, and even though there is still a solid cult following, film has, on many occasions, been considered dead:

Film was certainly an important step in reaching the digital imaging technology we have today. But just like the tube tv, checks, VCRs, video rental stores, and fax machines, it has been replaced by something more advanced. This is say not to say that it is necessarily better. Sure, the new tech has taken over for a reason. It’s faster, more intuitive, more convenient, and more compatible with today’s other technologies. But film is something that may never leave us completely.

I’m sure you can think of other things that have a certain style that just can’t be beat by the “newer and better” products of today. Old cars, Old shoes, vinyl records, glass soda bottles, 80’s windbreakers…okay, well maybe not the windbreakers, but you get the point. Some things may become outdated, but they will always retain that thing that makes them special. There are many photographers out there who shoot film because they love the look. And this look cannot be replicated with digital. So call film dead if you want. But just know that somewhere, out there, film is surviving…just like those 80’s windbreakers.

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Once used by everyone, now nearly forgotten

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