Sneak Peek: Timelapse Footage from an iPhone 5S with iOS 8

There’s a lot of chatter about Apple’s iOS 8, the mobile operating system that’s scheduled to make an appearance this in the fall of 2014. The rumors, speculations, and confirmed details of the release are of special interest to photographers, as a few new camera-related features have been suggested. One of those features happens to be a timelapse mode which can be used to create timelapse videos like the one below:

Apple fanatic iTwe4kz installed iOS8 on his iPhone 5S and created the timelapse to test out the new feature and show other iOS users what is possible with the latest upgrade (via PetaPixel). Unarguably, people have been making timelapse videos on their iPhones for quite some time now using third party apps, so it will be interesting to see how the native timelapse tool will measure up.

ios 8 photography

With luxury car manufacturer Bentley creating an entire commercial on an iPhone 5S, more and more attention has been placed on the capabilities of the device, perhaps inspiring filmmakers and photographers to create clips of their own. With a tripod or Shoulderpod for your phone, I venture to say that some really cool iPhone timelapse videos are about to hit the Internet.

Other photo related additions that may or may not make it to the public release version of iOS 8 include increased photo editing functionality, a built-in horizon leveling option, and more organized file storage. You can read more about the specs in this earlier post.

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