Released Today! Signature Preset Collection for iPhone Photography

Are you curious about enhancing your iPhone photos with minimal effort? The Signature Preset Collection offers a straightforward solution to improve your photography with a single click. Let’s dive into what this collection offers and whether it’s right for you.

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New: Signature Preset Collection (see what’s inside)

Overview of the Signature Preset Collection

The Signature Preset Collection is designed to transform ordinary iPhone photos into more polished and eye-catching images with just one click. This collection aims to simplify photo editing, making it accessible even to those with little to no experience in photo editing.

Features of the Signature Preset Collection

  1. One-Click Transformation: This collection allows users to quickly change the look of their photos using presets, which are predefined photo edits that apply to various images. This is particularly useful for those who want consistent results without manually adjusting settings for each photo.
  2. Designed for Social Media: With a focus on creating a consistent style, these presets are marketed towards social media users. The creators claim to have used this approach to build a following of 3.7 million on Instagram, suggesting that a unified style can be effective for attracting followers.
  3. Extensive Testing: These presets have undergone rigorous testing on thousands of iPhone photos. This is intended to ensure that each preset reliably produces high-quality results across different types of photos.

Categories of Presets

The Signature Preset Collection includes four main categories, each tailored to different photographic styles:

  • Instagram Presets: These presets are designed to create a subtle elegance in photos, ideal for users who want a consistent and stylish Instagram feed. Examples include Subtle Elegance, Timeless Mocha, Subdued Vogue, and Retro Radiance.
  • Landscape Presets: For those who enjoy capturing outdoor scenes, these presets aim to enhance natural landscapes by emphasizing details and textures while balancing colors. Presets like Crisp Breeze, Cozy Autumn, Stark Harmony, and Faded Bliss are part of this category.
  • Portrait Presets: Targeting portrait photography, this category includes presets like Dreamy Glow, Modern Chic, Radiant Charm, and Mystic Allure. These are designed to enhance skin tones and remove imperfections, making subjects look their best.
  • Urban Presets: For urban photography enthusiasts, these presets offer options to add a modern and moody atmosphere to cityscapes. Muted Metropolis, Moody Gloom, and Heritage Hue are a few presets aimed at enhancing architectural and street photography.

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Compatibility and Setup

The presets are compatible with various devices, not just iPhones. They can be used on iPads, Android devices, Macs, and PCs, which adds flexibility. Setting up the presets involves using the free Lightroom app, and the collection comes with instructions to help users get started quickly.

Launch Sale Ending Soon:

The collection is currently available at a significant discount, with the price reduced from $495 to $69. This pricing includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows users to try the presets risk-free and ensures they can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the results.

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