Interesting Photo of the Day: Tornado in Colorado

Storm chaser and photographer James Smart captured some powerful images of a tornado ripping its way across open farm land in Simla, Colorado. The extremely rare anti-cyclonic tornado appears to narrowly miss a lonesome farmhouse, but it’s not actually as close as it seems. Still, no doubt a terrifying and intense experience for the home owners:

tornado near farmhouse photo

Tornado in Colorado by James Smart (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

While the way the photo was shot makes the tornado appear closer to the house than it is, the sheer size and power of the storm and its capacity for complete destruction is incredible. As you can see, the tornado collected quite a bit of dirt, adding an even more destructive feel to the image. Along with being an avid storm chaser, James Smart is a landscape photographer capturing moments of Mother Nature’s power across Australia and the United States.

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