Interesting Photo of the Day: Stormy Day Sunset in the Canadian Rockies

It’s hard to describe the exact moods evoked by Marc Adamus’s image “Light of the Storm.” The dark and menacing is rivaled by a warm and hopeful brightness—a beautiful visual example (and potentially metaphorical representation) of the ending of a storm. The image was captured from the lakeshore’s edge just as setting sun rays broke through storm clouds to illuminate the peak of Mount Inglemaldie in the Canadian Rockies:

dramatic light on canadian rockies landscape

“Light of the Storm” captured by Marc Adamus (Via 500px. Click image to see full size.)

After a day filled with consistent snowfall and high winds while on tour, the photograph was certainly a well-deserved and welcomed shot for Adamus. He described the occasion as “a moment of rare and beautiful light that rivaled any attempt at photographing it.”

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