North American Landscape Timelapse Photography

How do you spend your summer vacations? Jesse Attanasio uses his sunny months off focusing on a particular passion: timelapse landscape photography. In his latest video, Exhale, he shows off more than two years’ worth of work in a mere two minutes. Check it out:

The film is composed from footage shot during the summers of 2014 and 2015 across Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, Montana, Southern California, Washington, and Alberta, Canada.

rocky mountains photography

As he explains on his website:

“After those two years of traveling and ‘inhaling’ experiences. I’ve picked through my favorites and put together this short film I call ‘Exhale’. Exhale is what I finally get to do after spending weeks planning, hours on the road, days processing and rendering so I can show what I’ve worked so hard on.”

awesome landscape photos

nebraska nature photography

Jesse Attanasio photography

It’s safe to say that hard work is definitely paying off.

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