Portraits of Earth, Introduction to Landscape Photography

This new book, Portraits of Earth is a unique instructional book designed to help you improve your landscape photography. It is from the perspective of a professional portrait photographer who then changed course to become a successful landscape and travel photographer.

portraits of earth book

Portraits of Earth

“This book is a collection of the lessons I learned as I floundered-about, trying to learn a new discipline that I thought, at first, had no connection to what I was known for: portraits. And yet the longer I thrashed, the more I found myself in familiar territory, looking for light, lines, and moments.  While landscape photography is a discipline all it’s own, it’s not unconnected from other forms of photography. Composition is composition, and it doesn’t matter whether the subject is a bride, a whale, or a stunning landscape.” -David duChemin

Topics Covered (65 Pages):

  • Land, Light, Lines
  • Gear (Optics, Tripods, Filters)
  • Light
  • Line
  • Land
  • Water
  • Snow
  • Details
  • Conclusion
landscape photography training

Pages from Portraits of Earth

“I hope you find in landscape photography the same thing that I’ve found, which to my great surprise is the same thing I found in portraiture: that the real joy is not the photographs at all, but the encounters those photographs make possible, and the revelations they provide.” -David duChemin

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