Interesting Photo of the Day: Urban Light and Shadow

Light and shadows: these are two of the most important elements of a photograph that beginner photographers can easily ignore. Being focused on the subject and story is important, of course, but by paying more attention to the interplay between light and shadows, you will be surprised to see how much they can elevate your images. They can sculpt your photos, as they do in the following image taken by photographer Christian D’Antonio. Notice how simple yet spectacular the image appears:

light and shadows

“Capturing Light and Shadows” by Christian D’Antonio (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

D’Antonio took this image on the streets of Toronto, Canada, with a Sony A7III and a Sigma 24-70 lens at 1/1000s, f/7.1 and ISO 300. He shot it at around three or four in the afternoon.

“I had been visiting this building now and then, waiting for the sun to strike it perfectly—in a way I could get light on one side and none on the other. I had to wait an hour to get this shot.”

The first thing we can observe in the image is the fantastic composition of light and shadows. The stark contrast between light and dark is what makes this image really beautiful. Thanks to his patience, Christian was able to capture the image exactly as the cyclist in red passed through the intersection, creating a pop of balanced color with the red walls of the downtown building.

How often do you pay attention to light and shadows when taking photographs? If you don’t, we hope this image inspires you to start.

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