Interesting Photo of the Day: The Golden Mountains of Leh

Ladakh’s topography is eerily similar to that of Tibet. The barren, mountainous region forms a part of the northern-most state of India: Jammu & Kashmir. Stunning snow-clad mountains, barren valleys, colossal Buddhist monasteries, and probably the friendliest of people living in the harshest of places on the face of the earth. Road routes to Ladakh remain cut off for six months of the year. During those months, the only way in or out is by flying:

landscape images from a flight

Golden Peaks! (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

There are two major land routes to Leh, the capital of the Ladakh region—0ne via Manali and the other via Srinagar. Both are picturesque. There is also one major airstrip in Leh that connects it with the rest of the country via the air route. An early morning flight in to Leh can be magical. Lucky Mumbaikar Swapnil Kulkarni happened to be on one of those early morning flights. This is what he captured.

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