Interesting Photo of the Day: Moonlit Long Exposure

Photographing landscapes at night is not something most of us can do. It seems very difficult. However, once you get the hang of it, nighttime landscape photography can be even more breathtaking than “regular” landscape photography. Take for instance the following image taken by photographer Arslan. This beautiful landscape in Pakistan appears perfectly stunning under the moonlight.

a moonlit landscape

“A Landscape in Pakistan Under Moonlight” by Arslan (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a 20-second exposure that Arslan took at f/8 and ISO 100. As the photographer explains, the moon is indeed superimposed from a separate exposure of the same scene, but with a different focus. Nevertheless, the blend seems perfect and adds so much to the image.

It’s the mood of the image that immediately catches the eye. Everything appears so calm, and it’s fantastic how the image looks so vibrant even in low-light conditions.

Besides the mood, the composition here is also noteworthy. The river works fantastically well to draw our eyes right into the image and toward the distant mountains. Then there’s another highlight of the imageโ€”the spectacular light trail of the cars. It appears almost like a river or fire intercepting the water, creating some unique tension.

Have you ever taken landscape photos during low-light conditions? Let us know how your experience has been.

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