Interesting Photo of the Day: Milky Way Panorama

For many photographers, when night hits, the cameras get put up for the night. However, for those working in astrophotography, it is only the beginning. With an entire night of sky to work with, the constant movement of the earth, and a universe filled with amazing phenomenon that can alter our views, astrophotographers like Ottawa based Andrew Leung flock to some of the darkest regions on earth to capture amazing nightlife imagery, like this amazing panorama of the Milky Way:

Milky Way, panorama, Andromeda galaxy

f/4, ISO 3200, 25 seconds (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Although many digital cameras now offer panorama options to capture landscapes and other scenery, Leung used a Nikon D7100 to create the Milky Way masterpiece using 12 individualized shots. Each of the three rows from his photo shoot at Irvine Lake Airstrip in Ontario, Canada consists of four pictures, with each shot taken, then slightly moving the camera to ensure the entire visible section of the Milky Way was captured.

When asked if he had any tips for those starting out in astrophotography, he suggested keeping the 500 rule in mind for long exposures:

“There’s also the 500 rule for finding out how long to exposure your picture. Take 500 and divide by your focal length. So for example if you’re using an 18mm lens, then 500/18 = 27 second exposure. Also use the widest f-stop number that you can (f/2.8, etc). But most importantly, experiment around and have fun with it!”

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  1. Avola says:

    Great! Very useful rule. Didn’t know that! I will give it try. Looking for a dark spot!

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