Interesting Photo of the Day: The Land of Whispering Wind

Flower-dotted meadows and cloud-topped mountains take center stage in today’s featured photo, which is set in Italy’s Sibillini National Park:

landscape photography

Italy’s Sibillini National Park, captured by Luca Giustozzi (Via 500px. Click for larger size.)

Photographer Luca Giustozzi, who dubbed the shot “Land of Whispering Wind,” captured the picturesque landscape outside of the village of Castelluccio di Norcia, which borders Monti Sibillini National Park. The park was established as a protected area in 1993.

Giustozzi used a Canon 5D Mark III camera and a Zeiss 21mm lens.

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: The Land of Whispering Wind”

  1. Kurt S says:

    I can only think of single adjectives that fit this photo: awesome is the first one that came to mind. Thank you for sharing the glories of that day with us.

  2. Mike Buxkemper says:

    Wow! You got it right. This is a very nice picture.

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