Photo of the Day: Kitten Embraces the Morning Sun

We, the people, love the internet, and one could conclude that collectively we really love cats. There seems to be an internet obsession with cats, as people spend countless internet hours looking at cute and/or funny photos and videos of these particular animals. The following photo is not just another picture of a cat. This cat exudes contentment, his eyes are closed and he is almost reaching towards the light that is casting a beautiful glow upon his face:

kitten embraces the morning sun

Kitten Embraces the Morning Sun (Imgur)

It is truly a beautiful photo, a moment captured so perfectly you can almost feel the warmth yourself just by looking upon it. Plus, it’s a kitten, the only thing in existence that is better than a cat.

This photo has received a large collection of comments all over social media. A popular phrase among the posters is “Praise the sun!”, and many of the comments compare this beautiful cat to Simba, the famous lion cub from Disney’s The Lion King. If you are familiar with the film, you will know one of the opening scenes involves Simba being lifted up into the sunlight in a ceremony to celebrate his birth. The photo inspired many people to share stories of their own pets, and everyone seems to agree that this is one adorable cat who really likes the warmth of the sunlight.

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