Interesting Photo of the Day: Joshua Tree Under the Cosmos

Death Valley is a prime location to view the Milky Way and a starry night sky because of the absence of light pollution from nearby cities. It’s important to keep this variable in mind when you’re scouting a new place to shoot nighttime landscape photography, especially since a large portion of the United States experiences light pollution:

photography night sky constellation

“20 Foot Joshua Trees Silhouetted by our View of the Cosmos” by Cody Wilson (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Cody Wilson shot this image of Joshua trees 20 feet high in Death Valley. The photograph frames the trees with an amazing view of the cosmos and the glow from nearby Bishop, California. The long exposure adds detail to the trunk of the foremost Joshua tree and lets the radiant light stream in from the constellations. Photos such as these are strong examples on how to properly shoot nighttime photographs while maintaining high detail in the foreground. Make sure you have your settings right!

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