Interesting Photo of the Day: Drone Light Painting

Inspired by a dream he had as a child, Roger Essig uses photography and modern technology to recreate light patterns dancing across star-lit skies. To explore light painting and recreate the dream, Essig uses drones, different lighting, unique compositing techniques, and multiple exposures. As you can see from this image, his portfolio has quite the artistic approach:

drone light painting photo

26ft of Lights on a Drone by Roger Essig (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

With every year that passes, technology keeps getting more advanced. This photo was created with the help of a Mavic Pro drone that was set to the “point of interest” mode. This mode allows the drone to move around the subject with a fixed radius so that the aerial route taken is perfect for long exposure shots. At first glance, it kind of looks like a UFO hovering around the tree.

With the addition of 80 or so LEDs that hung at a height of 26-feet, the camera was set to 30-second exposures that allowed the drone to follow a circular path around the tree while the camera captured beautiful light trails.

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