Interesting Photo of the Day: Wild Korean Pine

Nathaniel Merz, an elementary school teacher working in South Korea, was driven away from his workplace due to the chaos of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, in this time of uncertainty, Merz was able to offer a small slice of tranquility in the form of today’s serene shot.

korean landscape photo

“Jeolla Bukdo, South Korea” by Nathaniel Merz. (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Trekking a mountain off the beaten path with his Canon 5D Mark IV, Merz came across this precariously placed plant reaching out for the first rays of the morning light. Between an out-of-frame reservoir and a stream snaking through the mountainous region, low clouds were able to form, leaving peaks shrouded in a sea of fog. Taken with a 24-105mm zoom lens Merz stitched together several shots to create this epic landscape.

This tree is lovely beyond the way its branches catch the light or its trunk wildly twists and turns. Growing in a particularly inaccessible area, overlooking an uncertain horizon, it manages to thrive. Regardless of the difficulties our planet goes through, life always manages to find a way to carry on. And, so long as there are driven photographers with working cameras, we’ll always find a way to capture the magnificent beauty life has to offer.

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