Interesting Photo of the Day: Lonely Tree Under the Stars

The possibilities with long exposure photography are only limited by your own creativity. Like a painter can paint almost anything with his brush, the light painting technique with long exposure opens up similar opportunities for a photographer. Just think of darkness as your canvas, and the light sources as your paint. Photographer Mikael Persson took the following image of a lonely tree lit with really tiny light sources, and the result is quite interesting:

tree under the stars

“Lonely Tree Under The Stars” by Mikael Persson (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a 30-second long exposure that Persson took with his Sony a6000. He used the Sigma 16mm lens at f/1.4 and ISO 100 to take this image. And as for the lighting on the tree, it was lit with smartphone lights. Can you believe it?

“I actually put 2 phones underneath the tree with each flashlight turned on & facing the tree.”

By lighting the tree from the base, Persson has achieved quite an interesting look in the final image. As expected, the parts of the tree nearer to the light appear bright and the brightness recedes as we move towards the top. The upper half of the tree that’s in complete darkness appears like the tree’s own shadow that got cast on the sky.

And another very interesting aspect of the image definitely has to be the background. The dark sky with hundreds of stars makes for brilliant scenery in this image – there’s the single life form amongst so many fireballs.

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