Google Glass: The Next Big Thing in Photography?

The tech world is buzzing with news about Google Glass, the Internet giant’s latest innovation. With Google having recently released the developer version of this wearable technology, people are starting to get the chance to try out Glass’ capabilities, particularly where photography and videography are concerned. But—putting the “cool factor” aside—as groundbreaking as this gadget is, is it really practical? A spoof by comedy group Grovo offers a humorous look at the functionality (and awkwardness) of Google glass for photographers:

Many photographers take advantage of certain camera functions and capabilities, such zoom, macro, and burst mode. As compelling as the idea of being able to take a picture of exactly what you are seeing by using a verbal cue might be, the reality of actually using Glass in everyday situations definitely comes with some limitations for photographers. To make this point, Grovo puts a Google Glass-wearing photographer in a number of hypothetical situations where using the gadget to take a picture or video would be at best impractical, and at worst extremely awkward and/or an invasion of privacy.

google glass photography

taking a macro shot with Google Glass

For instance, what do you do when you want an up close-and-personal shot, such as at a wedding, but don’t have a zoom lens? Grovo offers the following conclusion:

google glass privacy

Or what happens when you want to take a video of someone else doing something, but don’t want to hand over your precious (and pricey) gadget for them to wear?

google glass videography

Piano Player: Why can’t I just wear the glasses?

Videographer: Because I’m the video guy! I’m the photographer; you’re the piano player, ok!? You play, I’ll record — we each have our jobs!

As lighthearted as this comedy sketch is, is does bring up some interesting questions about technology ideas versus their real-life usefulness. And don’t go dumping your DSLR for Google Glass just yet!

Join the conversation: Do you see any future for professional photographers using Google Glass or a similar wearable technology?

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One response to “Google Glass: The Next Big Thing in Photography?”

  1. jason says:

    I can see I being good for journalism like in sports interviews with players because then they would not need a camera man to do their job

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