How to Get Your Photography Into Galleries

Getting your photography into a gallery can be difficult without knowing how the entire process works. Experienced photographers Lois Youmans and Sandra Carrion share their insights and advice on how to get your work out there and seen by galleries in this helpful seminar:

Getting Recognition

To do well in photo competitions and increase your chances of getting seen by a gallery, you have to think ahead and consider what the judges and gallery curators are looking for.

  • Submit a cohesive gallery of images. Choose a theme and stick with it.
  • You don’t need expensive equipment to take great photos, you have to have an eye.
  • Don’t expect to be found, you have to make an effort to be seen.
  • Build a professional resume/curriculum vitae. Include an artists statement.

Among some of the other tidbits of advice, and the seminar is packed with helpful hints. The presenters instruct viewers on how to build a personal brand and utilize social media to build buzz around their artwork.


One of the most important things discussed in the presentation is to keep in mind that a gallery will spend money to have an opening for your work. They will, or should be, spending money on advertising and promotions to get people to come see your work, so it’s important to know what each specific gallery is looking for beforehand. Make the effort to learn about the galleries before you make an appointment to review your portfolio. No one likes their time to be wasted!

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