Dubai Time-lapse

Why have just one moonset and one sunrise when you can have two of each? This is a 28 hour time-lapse shot from one location captured by Gerald Donovan. It consists of 3359 individual photographs:

Discussion with the Photographer:

1. I hear day to night transitions are tricky to get right. Any tips for newbies?

The entire timelapse was shot on aperture priority and fixed ISO. It’s important to make sure that you set a combination of aperture and ISO that will allow the camera to take shots at the brightest time of day without hitting the camera’s fastest shutter speed limit, and will also not require a shutter speed longer than the timelapse interval when it’s dark. This was shot at f/5.6 and ISO320. Fastest shutter speed was 1/2500, slowest 6 seconds.

2. What is that band of light seen traveling down the tower at 0:02 and again at 2:05?

It is a reflection of the setting Moon.

For Further Training on Time-lapse Photography:

Check out this new COMPLETE guide (146 pages) to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses using a dslr camera. It can be found here: Time-lapse Photography Guide

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