Behind the Scenes of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover Photo

If you haven’t seen it yet, Upton’s cover shot takes place on the cold continent of Antarctica where temperatures are often below freezing. All the Sports Illustrated stuff aside, it’s interesting to see the crew’s simple lighting setup that resulted in the cover photo.

All of the crew is wearing thick jackets and sunglasses to protect themselves from the cold and the glare of the sun on the snow. Upton admits it was tough, but with a little help from some penguins and knowing that this was another big step for her career, she was able to push through.

Every photo shoot has its challenges, but just remember that if you have a model, they are your top priority. You can have all the gear and preparation in the world, but with no model (or even an unhappy model), there’s no shoot. Keep them happy and keep them motivated, and don’t expect them to go to Antarctica.

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