7 Tips for Eye-Catching Minimalist Photography

Want to make your own minimalist and modern photos for your blog or social media page? Jenny Mustard shows us seven easy ways to create and shoot minimalist photos. These tips are great if you need to come up with interesting and eye-catching photos for a blog or even just add a new dynamic to your Instagram photos:

1. Add Something Organic

If you’re taking a picture that features a lot of inanimate objects, simple add a living object, like a plant, to create a natural aesthetic.

add living object minimalist photo

2. Use Symmetry

Go for the orderly look; it’s pleasing to the eye.

symmetrical minimal photography

3. Also Use Asymmetry

You can still keep it neat, but not everything has to be symmetrical to be appealing. Including negative space in the photo can really bring out the subject.

asymmetrical minimalist photo

4. Desaturate the Background

Bring down the saturation and adjust curves of the background to give the photo a calmness.

desaturate photo background

5. Create a Color Splash

Shoot against a plain backdrop, like one that is completely white, to make vibrant colors pop.

create color splash photo

6. Adopt a Color Scheme

If you have a busy shot, you can neutralize it by using similar tones. Paint your backdrop/setting to match the colors in your photo.

similar color scheme photo

7. Think Outside the Frame

Not everything in your photo has to fall within the frame. Sometimes, you can create intrigue by having part of your subject outside the frame.

subject outside frame photo

These are just some tips for clean, minimalist images to get started. Have your own ideas? Why not share them in the comments below? We’re always excited to hear new ideas and inspiring tips!

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