What it Takes to Succeed on Instagram

When Instagram was launched, it was merely a photo-sharing platform. But as time passed, the app gained the serious attention of photographers. As a result, Instagram is a vital part of most professionals’ portfolio. However, having a quality account is not as easy as it sounds. While many people do not realize it, there are a lot of things you need to take care of before you can succeed on Instagram. Photographer Ted Forbes talks about some of the misconceptions surrounding the success factors on Instagram, and also shares some pointers on what it takes to succeed on the platform.

A common mistake many people make is assuming that posting a few good-looking images will gain traction on their own. In reality, you cannot expect to achieve overnight success on Instagram. In fact, it requires sincere dedication, consistency and a lot of hard work over a long stretch of time.

“Working really hard on an image and just posting it to Instagram expecting an Instagram reaction is kind of a wrong way to look at it.”

Also, don’t make the mistake of assuming that it is easy for others. It is easy to see people enjoying their success, but only they know the effort they must have put in. Being misguided and expecting instant success is the biggest mistake you can make.

How people perceive success on Instagram is also dangerous in a way. Benchmarking “likes” and “follows” can give out a wrong message. Even photographers who are successful professionally may not have a big fan following on Instagram. So even if your work is seriously good, it may not translate into engagement and followers.

Forbes rightly points out in the video that there’s a big difference between being a really good photographer and a really good Instagrammer. Even though you’re good, you may not be reaching the right audience.

Do you take Instagram seriously? Are you successful at it? Let us know in the comments what strategies work for you.

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