Wacky Behind-the-Scenes Portrait Session with Author Rebecca Donovan

There are times, as a portrait photographer, when you have to be flexible in your planning and be willing to stray from the shots you initially thought you would be taking. As Eric Levin outlines in the video clip below, sometimes your subjects may surprise you. In order to catch their true personalities, you might just need a couple shots of tequila and a chandelier. Have a look:

In the diagram below, you can see one of the lighting setups Levin used in some of the shots he took of author Rebecca Donovan. Levin incorporated the use of window light, a halfdome softbox, and a Hensel studio light which was bounced off the wall for diffusion.


With this lighting setup, Levin was able to create the image you see here:


Part of the shoot also took the talent, Levin, and his crew into a forest to shoot on location. Levin was working with minimal equipment. Just an SB strobe and couple diffusion panels. Because the natural light was fading quickly, Levin found himself boosting his ISO to handle the low lighting conditions.


The diversity of the shoot, which had Levin shooting in three different locations throughout the day, would be a test for many photographers. In order to work with what he had available to him, Levin adapted and experimented by trying different ideas in regards to his lighting setup. Looks like the creative thinking paid off!

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