Improved Color Consistency With Low Light: DeNoise AI v3.7

In photo editing news, the new Denoise AI v3.7 introduces improved color consistency with Low Light v4, updated TensorRT models, and important stability improvements and bug fixes. It has just been released and goes on sale today. See how it works here: Denoise AI Version 3.7 Photo Editor

denoise update

Updated: Topaz Denoise A.I. (See How it Works)

DeNoise AI v3.7 at a glance:

  • Improved color consistency with Low Light v4 – Improvements to how they trained Low Light v4 allows it to provide more consistent color while reducing blotchiness in the highlights and shadows.
  • Updated TensorRT models – Users of supported NVIDIA GPUs will experience performance improvements, especially when using the RAW model.
  • Important stability improvements and bug fixes – Additional camera model RAW files are now supported, including the highly requested Olympus OM1. Bug fix highlights include plugging up a memory leak when batch processing using the RAW model, improved handling of batch import into Adobe Lightroom Classic, and a new workflow that prevents crashes when applying the RAW model to Canon CR2 files.

Other Changes:

  • Added new processing error messages (updated wording, missing model dialogs, etc)
  • Added ability to cancel update in manual update mode
  • Added Ctrl/Alt/Shift + Scroll shortcuts for Masking mode to change radius/softness/opacity
  • Added show password toggle on the login screen
  • Added a Lightroom Classic troubleshooting link under the Help menu on Mac
  • Changed JPG and PNG quality/compression sliders go from 1-100 now instead of 1-10
    – JPEG quality settings should now get reset to 95 whenever the user last used anything 30 or lower (prevents bad saves)
  • Changed default quality from 90% to 95% when preserving input settings to match default JPEG quality
  • Removed animations when loading files which should make the program feel faster
low light photo

Improved color consistency with Low Light

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed CR2 files crashing on open
  • Fixed Lightroom not being able to import all images in large batch imports
  • Fixed memory leak when saving a large amount of RAW images
  • Fixed JPG DPI not being saved when overwriting file
  • Fixed TIFF metadata being lost when overwriting file
  • Fixed apply/cancel both being hidden when in external editor mode with no images selected
  • Fixed black block issue on first proc on Mac
  • Fixed Make/Model exif data not being written correctly when it comes from manufacturer specific tags
  • Fixed issue where PS last filter would freeze forever
  • Fixed issue where PS last filter wouldn’t show the preview for the image being processed
  • Fixed issue where manual update would be disabled after adding strokes in masking mode
  • Fixed mouse area for the file list view delegate not taking the entire area
  • Fixed zoom and view selection buttons being enabled when exporting
  • Fixed links inside of dialog boxes not being link colored
  • Fixed CoreML cache not being cleared between app updates which caused some processing errors
  • Fixed file list view height being incorrect when exporting in plugin mode

“As I think back over the last 10 years of software improvements, there is nothing that has changed my photography in as big of a way as DeNoise AI has. I used to be hesitant to photograph at ISO 1600. Now, I don’t even think twice about using ISO settings that are double, and even triple, that because I know I can easily get rid of it.” -Matt Kloskowski

How to Get DeNoise A.I. for a Discount Today:

To celebrate this update the company is currently offering it at 25% off. It is the final day of the update sale if you want to give it a try. Plus our readers can save even more by using the coupon code DENOISE15 at checkout.

Deal ending soon: DeNoise A.I. Photo Editor Update Sale

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