Top Photography Articles of the Year 2012

As the year ends and a new one begins, we looked back at what articles & topics attracted the most attention in 2012. We were excited to learn that our visitor base grew 75% last year (5 million photographers stopped by) and we are busy planning exciting things for 2013, thanks so much to all of you who continue to visit us! This site would not be possible without you.

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top photography articles

Top Photography Articles of the Year

1. Skywalking Photography – An alarming new photography trend in Russia where individuals are photographing themselves perched on the scariest locations, hundreds of feet in the air.

2. Top 10 Most Famous Photographers of All Time – We can learn something by studying the pictures of famous photographers. Some are still delighting us with their photographs.

3. Using Histograms in Photography – There is a trick to getting perfect exposures. How can you tell if your exposure is correct? It is the histogram.

4. Headshot Photography Seminar and More Headshot Tips – These two posts were both big hits with readers. The headshot industry is as strong as ever lots of opportunity for photographers.

5. How McDonald’s Does Food Photography – A rare behind-the-scenes tour of a Quarter Pounder photo shoot with details on each step of the process.

6. Why Professional Photographers Do Not Give Customers All the Files? – It leaves some customers confused, or even angry. So why won’t a photographer let them have the entire set?

7. How to Be a Street Photographer – The idea behind street photography is to take a candid shots of interesting people, places, or moments in time.

8. Smoke Photography Tips – When you look at smoke photos you might think that it is impossible to take such shots but it’s actually not that hard.

9. Self Portrait Every Day For 12 Years – The result is an incredible record of his life through the ups and some very significant downs, not just for a year,but for the last 12 years.

10. DIY Photography Studio Lighting on the Cheap – There is no doubt about it that collecting an arsenal of studio lighting is a very costly adventure.

11. How to Photograph Strangers – Approaching strangers on the street and asking them if you can photograph them for your portfolio can be very intimidating for most photographers.

12. Wedding Photographer Sued Despite Doing a Great Job – A wedding photographer in Washington state was recently issued a wake-up call when it comes to client contracts.

13. Time-lapse Photography Journey Through Japan – The sequence is an 8 minute journey through many parts of Japan, including locations such as Tokyo, Nagano, & Matsuyama.

14. HDR Photo Tutorial – Professional photographer Rob Hanson has taken the time to create a detailed video tutorial to teach viewers how to make HDR photographs.

15. 5 Tips to Improve Your Photography – The following 5 tips represent the top 5 things that have helped me the most to develop as a photographer.

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