Undoing Bad Habits to Become Better Photographers

Nobody’s perfect, and photographers are no exception. Luckily, being a good photographer isn’t about never making a mistake. Rather, it all depends on your ability to recognize where things went wrong.

Here, we join photographer Nigel Danson as he approaches a seascape scene.  But it’s not so much about getting the greatest shot possible with the environment at hand. Instead, Danson focuses on the strengths and weaknesses happening within each frame. What’s more, he meditates on strategies to improve upon the next time he’s out and about with his camera.

When we make a mistake, it’s easy to place blame elsewhere. Maybe the weather didn’t hold out. Maybe your camera gear isn’t up to date. But, in the end, being a good photographer is taking some accountability and growing past your mistakes. We may not be perfect. However, when we take the time to understand and refine our techniques, we slowly (but surely) improve.

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