The Trick Photography eBook at 50% Off

If you want to learn some amazing photography tricks this weekend you may want to take a look at this sale. The 2nd edition includes 100 new in-depth eBook pages (300 pages total) and 9 full hours of video tutorials. Its one of the most popular training eBooks for photographers and it is currently 50% off today. Deal found here: The Trick Photography eBook at 50% Off

panorama photo tutorial

Extensive Chapters on How to do Non-Traditional Panoramic Photography

light painting photo

Extensive tutorials on how to do Light Painting

hdr photo

HDR Photography Techniques and Style Strategies

photography trick techniques

Capturing Split Second High Speed Photos

high speed photography

High Speed Photography Tutorials

bokeh photo

How to Achieve Bokeh in Photography

picture effects

Many Chapters on Composite Photography and Combining Photo Elements

waterfall photo tutorials

Various Techniques for Capturing Smooth Water Motion

tips for taking compelling images

Photography Tricks for Dynamic Floating Subjects Such as Fruit

clear night photos

Tutorials on Creative Night Photography Methods

infrared photo tutorial

Tutorials and Chapters on Infrared Digital Photography

long exposure tricks

Articles on How to Capture Portraits at Long Exposures

long exposure photography tricks

Steel Wool Light Painting Photography and more with Long Exposures

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today:

If you have been wanting to learn any of these techniques, today is a good time to check it out for the sale! It also carries a 60 day no-questions-asked guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

Deal found here: Trick Photography & Special Effects at 50% Off

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22 responses to “The Trick Photography eBook at 50% Off”

  1. Some brilliant special effects. Can’t wait to try a couple of them myself!

  2. t says:

    °º¤ø,¸¸.-*~ Awesome Work ~*-.¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø

  3. anil says:

    superb photo effects… love it.

  4. Mike Smith says:

    I would love to buy your book but I cannot download, my service is to slow and drops out

  5. superb photo effects… love it. but not enough money for buy this tools & plugins.

  6. David says:

    Can the photoshop effects be accomplished with Elements 10 or Lightroom?

  7. pandurang says:

    FANTASTIC , NICE good effects

  8. Taylor says:

    Well I have to fess up. I am a photographer of plus 25 years experience, did high resolution vfx for films. This is the best bang for your buck for understanding the principals of visual effects and compositing. The way it is presented, the technical breakdown. All stellar.

    I have done painting with light for 2 or 3 years and I learned many new creative concepts I had not seen demonstrated before in terms of luminance of objects and secondary light passes.

    Smart guys.

    11 Thumbs up. Bought.

    Can;t wait for version 3.12

  9. Gabbs says:

    Hey if I buy it from my iPad and afterwards later I want it in my laptop also, then will I be able to get it??

  10. Vicky says:

    really very good… I always wanted that Bokeh effect and I found it here………….thank u

  11. Jairus Marl says:

    A new way to learn new photo editing effects skills to harness your skills in photography.

  12. Jairus Marl says:

    There are essentially four things that you will need to create spectacular trick photos: a subject, a light source, your camera, and a tripod. These are the bare essentials of trick photography.

  13. Rezan says:

    The aperture, the shutter, and the ISO are all linked; therefore, you need to learn to strike a balance with all the three factors to ensure that the images are clear and satisfactory.

  14. Sajid says:

    Great post and article, Thanks for sharing trick photography and special effects:)

  15. Terry Parker says:

    It’s mandatory to have prime lens for taking Bokeh effects images. Can i take using my 18-55mm lens.
    Please tell me how can I become a good photographer. Its possible using midrange camera.

  16. Elrich says:

    The shutter, aperture and ISO are all linked; therefore, you need to learn to strike a balance with all the three factors to ensure that the images are clear and satisfactory. Thanks.

  17. Sonia says:

    I don’t have skills in photography but these tips are easy to understand
    Really thanks for the article

  18. John Santana says:

    The next immediate thing which I did after watching these pictures was to purchasing your Guide for trick photography. I really can’t wait to click pictures like this myself.

  19. Larry Jones says:

    Great post and article, Thanks for sharing trick photography and special effects:) Cheers.

  20. rishi says:

    Best article on photography thanks to sharing your experience on photography

  21. HOMEiA says:

    these photos look impressive.. really love it!

  22. banli lio says:

    good post

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