Timelapse Photography in Short Film: Mountains in Motion

After watching the award winning short film, Mountains In Motion, you may find it hard to believe the project was conducted on a shoestring budget by artists who had never met before. The film, which incorporates multiple photographic techniques, is a stunning example of timelapse photography. As you probably know, timelapse photography is a type of video that is made up from individual photographs. The film below undoubtedly uses tens if not hundreds of thousands of still photographs to make time appear to pass in warp speed. Take a look:

The clever use of timelapse techniques that help portray the changing of seasons along with excellent post production skills make this film one of the best timelapses  currently on the circuit. Throughout the film the photographers and cinematographers flex their photographic muscles and capture incredible star trail photography to compliment the many impressive mountainscapes the Canadian Rockies have to offer.

star trail photography

A peek at their behind the scenes photos and you can see multiple snapshots of a snow covered Canon 7D and a rugged moco dolly which the crew used to get those gorgeous sweeping shots.

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