Timelapse, Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion

The author of this new timelapse guide, a landscape photographer, says “still images are how I capture a moment: a split second of perfect tension. Shooting time-lapse photographs adds a whole new dimension to the stories I’m trying to tell. It’s my moving still.”

timelapse introduction

Timelapse eBook

The possibilities available to the aspiring photographer today, even on a tight budget, are infinite. This is a remarkable period in history to be creative. Hopefully you’ll get a little kick—of both knowledge and inspiration—from this eBook to challenge you to get out there and shoot.

“When I was first learning photography, I’d come back from these amazing trips but find that, time and time again, the images fell short of communicating the beauty I was seeing as I camped and climbed throughout the mountains of Western Canada.

For a long time, I felt that it wasn’t possible to create an image—still or moving—that could communicate the feeling of grandness or awe my friends and I would experience in the mountains. I’ve always viewed the time lapse as something closer to a still image than the movie world; it is simply a record of time unfolding in front of a well-composed, still frame.”

Some of the Many Topics Covered (45 Pages):

  • Demystifying Time-lapse
  • Essential Equipment for Time-lapse Photography
  • Camera and Lenses
  • Tripods and Support
  • Essential Extras
  • Not-So-Essential Extras
  • Computers and Software
  • Getting Ready
  • Framing, Focus and Exposure Considerations
  • Exposure: Manual or Auto?
  • Menu Settings
  • Setting the Intervalometer
  • Flicker

  • Exposure Flicker: Cause and Fixes
  • Mechanical Flicker: Cause and Fixes
  • Post-Production Workflow
  • Ingesting Images (Adobe Lightroom)
  • Lightroom Editing
  • LRTimelapse Deflickering
  • Image Sequence to Video File
  • Bonus: Advanced Techniques
  • Motion Control
  • Bulb Ramping
  • LRTimelapse Effects Ramping
  • Hyperlapse
  • Post-Production Moves
  • After Effects: De-Birding
  • Stabilization
  • Case Studies
timelapse ebook

Pages from Timelapse

“Using a sequence of still images to capture the passing of time is a dramatic, exciting and amazing storytelling tool. As technology evolves, time lapses are becoming more and more accessible. So what’s stopping you? I hope that you’ll find these tips and tricks helpful, and that you are more excited than ever to get out into the world and shoot time lapses.”

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