Timelapse: 10 Tips for Great Results

The trick to shoot epic timelapses is no longer a secret. Thanks to amazing gear and excellent post-processing tools you can start producing timelapses in no time at all. Jared Polin elaborates:

Without a built-in intervalometer you will need to buy an external intervalometer, which will let you select the number of shots and the interval between each shot.

With a scene that has a lot of movement—people, clouds, water—use a slower shutter speed. A 1 second shutter speed is a nice place to start. But it all depends on the light and the amount of image blur you wish to incorporate into your timelapse.

At that shutter speed you will have to balance the exposure by choosing a small aperture and the base ISO. You may have to incorporate a ND filter to cut down some light.

Once you have the basics right you can then start to bring in extra tools like cable-cams and sliders which add a bit of movement and improve the quality of your work.

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