These Kids’ Priceless Reactions to Old Cameras Will Make You Laugh (Or Cry)

Do you ever think about how much technology has progressed even in the past ten years? The Fine Brothers have made dozens of hilarious videos featuring kids’ reactions to old technology. This time, they hand the children an old Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom camera manufactured in 1998:

When young kids ages seven to thirteen were given this old camera, many of them are unimpressed: it’s ugly and big. When asked to take a picture, many were surprised that the camera did not take a picture as they expected.

teens react to old cameras

The concept of film had to be explained; the kids were in awe that people used to spend money on a camera, the film, and on developing the images just in order to even see the photos taken. One child exclaimed, “So when did real cameras come out where you didn’t have to do all that?” Another gave the advice to “smash it into pieces and buy a new one.”

kids react to old camera

camera film children

“I really don’t want to break it.”

Overall, most of kids said they preferred new cameras where you can see your photo instantly and have a digital copy of the image rather than a physical one.

“Who knew taking a picture could be such hard work?”

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  1. Gary Orgles says:

    What a brilliant article, will try this with my class

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