The Photographer’s Workout Program

Professional photography equipment isn’t the easiest of things to carry around. Cameras, lenses, and lights can easily weigh 8–10 pounds each. Lugging such heavy gear for extended sessions, a photographer is prone to muscle fatigue and is always at risk of injury. In this light-hearted video, Fiona of Image Studios shows how a photographer can stay healthy using his or her gear as exercise tools:

Care to try these workout routines with your gear?


prevent muscle fatigue by exercising with your gear


Goblet Squat

exercising with your photo equipment

Goblet Squat

Shoulder Press

strange ways to use your photo gear

Shoulder press

Just a word of caution. Those are two Canon 5D Mark III’s with 70-200mm f/2.8 L lenses mounted on them. Together they cost easily $12,000! It takes a lot of heart to wield such expensive gear like exercise equipment.

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