Super Photo Editing Skills

Today we are focused on photo editing. We were able to negotiate a discount on the popular training bundle, Super Photo Editing Skills, for anyone working on photo editing. It is incredibly comprehensive with in-depth video tutorials, helpful eBooks and professional presets that can help you start post-processing right away with your own photos. We were able to negotiate a special discount for our subscribers which ends soonDeal found here: Super Photo Editing Skills

super photo editing skills

Super Photo Editing Skills (Click to Learn More)

It is designed to help you gain confidence in your processing skills, and learn to get creative with your edits—you’ll also be able to create an efficient workflow which is key these days. Also meaning you can spend less time on the computer, and more time out shooting.

Taking a Peek Inside:

  • 7+ hours of downloadable, high quality video tutorials
  • Super handy PDF editing field guide
  • Editing style guide: helps you discover your own unique editing style
  • Photo editing shortcuts cheatsheet
  • Teaches you everything you need to know to bring out the best in your photos with Adobe Lightroom, and more
  • Get their proven, easy editing process for the most powerful photos you’ve ever created.
  • Helps you process and organize your photos efficiently and save tons of time
  • Discover the real secrets for transforming your good photos into once-in-a-lifetime images
  • Avoid all those lengthy and confusing tutorials – we got rid of the unnecessary tech jargon
  • Get more control of how your images look and feel
  • Effortlessly remove annoying elements such as trees and poles
  • Create perfect portraits and remove skin blemishes without wasting hours in Photoshop
  • Beautiful & useful Lightroom presets

Most professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom for their post-processing workflow and it is commonly acknowledged as best program on the market for managing and editing a large number of photos quickly. Once you master Lightroom and the subtleties of professional editing, it can make a dramatic night and day difference to your photos. Here are some examples covered in the tutorials:

photo editing tutorials

Results from a few of the tutorials

Also included are a variety of beautiful color, black and white, sepia and duotone presets that can be applied to any photo with one click. The tutorials will also show you exactly how the preset effects are created so you can easily create your own presets to fit your own unique style:

photo editing presets

Examples of some of the one-click color presets included

The key to effective professional photo editing is SUBTLE adjustment that brings out the best in a photo. I really like how their course is based on this concept.

How to Get a Discount Today (with Bonuses):

We were able to negotiate a special discount for our readers which ends soon. It also carries a 60 day guarantee, if you do not find the product useful just let them know to receive a full refund. So there is nothing to lose in trying it. Plus, you’ll get 5 valuable bonuses with today’s deal – all of which ends soon.

Deal found here: The Super Photo Editing Skills Course

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7 responses to “Super Photo Editing Skills”

  1. Andre says:

    I would love to get this. But I have a problem, Why is it that its $85.95 for those that live in Canada and $79.95 for those that live in the USA? Our dollar is almost at par, and there is no delivery of any products, its just a download. This isnt fair. Please explain. (and I am not being cheap, its the principle of it)

  2. ian says:

    I agree with bappa us CANADIANS always seem to get screwed when it comes to spending money in the states it looks like a good buy but I will not let myself get ripped of by a American company or person

  3. Kelsey says:

    The Canadian dollar and the American dollar aren’t worth the same. In order to purchase the same thing two different currencies aren’t going to be the same amount.

  4. Kelsey says:

    How ever they are charging $1.80 more then the Americans.

  5. Robert Smith says:

    I just paid for Super editing skills for photographers and the download button does not work, so I was unable to get the download.

  6. Wayne Snow says:

    Well I guess I was lucky. They kept declining my card.

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