Street Photography Techniques & Experiences in Amsterdam

This 7-minute film by Wytse Koetse tells the story of a photographer who is simply known by the name “Jimmy on the Run.” Jimmy lives in Amsterdam and practices street and fashion photography. His story is about breaking away from stereotypes and pursuing one’s true calling. It’s about a troubled father-son relationship and the joys of being a photographer against all the uncertainties that come with it:

Jimmy was born in a farm somewhere in China and moved to Amsterdam at the age of 16. His father wanted to open a restaurant with him. Coming from a traditional family he faced a lot of objections when he chose photography as his profession.


“I’ve listened to my dad my entire life. But slowly but surely I realized, that it was not what I wanted.”


Eventually he got himself liberated from the reservations of his traditional upbringing and was able to follow his heart. He admits though,

“It brings too much uncertainty.”

Despite the uncertainty, Jimmy has, like many others before him, managed to pursue his dreams.





What would mean the world to him? The day his father looks at one of his photos and tells him that he has done a good job. It’s what drives him as a photographer.

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