Space Shuttle Endeavour Timelapse: Journey Through LA

In case you couldn’t be in Los Angeles to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour slowly made the trek to its new home, you’re in luck. Thanks to a six man photography crew and the cooperation of the Inglewood, California Police Department, the shuttle’s multi-day journey to its new retirement home was condensed into three minutes of inspiring timelapse footage. After collecting the hundreds of thousands of stills used to make Mission 26: The Big Endeavour, the team spent the next few days sorting through the footage to hand pick the segments that make up the clip:

Mission 26–so named for the Endeavour’s 26th and final journey–documents a historic part of history, turning it into a stunning work of art.

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“The endeavor started on Thursday night and went on until Sunday night, with very little sleep to no sleep. The only thing that kept us going was pure love of the art and adrenaline. This has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. My hope is that this film will show you the amount of dedicated people and teamwork that it took to get the Endeavour to its new home.”

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2 responses to “Space Shuttle Endeavour Timelapse: Journey Through LA”

  1. TimR says:

    6 man crew to make a cheesy 2 minute quickie? aw come on jeeze willickers why not an hours worth all i saw was zoooooooom fast people walking really really fast and shuttle zippering right thru in 2 skinny ass minutes pfffft too short for me oh well

    • TimR says:

      This should have been made into a 1 hour feature special on the IMAX theaters… udder crap for a 2 minutes of zippy little footage which took 6 men to complete in the 2 days it took to roll that shuttle to its new home bummer ;(

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