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Looking to spice up your photography on a slim budget? From forced perspective to creating your own shower curtain softbox, if you’re into creative DIY projects you’ll want to check out this video. But beware, use them at your own risk:

Do-It-Yourself hacks are generally a lot of fun to try out, but for some of those shown in this video you might want to take care. For example, if you’re going to create your own macro lens, I’d recommend using a cheap camera body to stick it onto. The last thing you need is more sensor dust—or even worse, particulates—entering your camera. I’d also be a bit leery putting my expensive DSLR into a fish tank, pond, or lake. That just seems like asking for a rather wet and depressing end to a fine day. Still, with a few modifications…

And if you try the GoPro mount shown below, I’d be triple-sure to use strong magnets! Having your GoPro fly off the car while you’re making a turn just doesn’t sound like the type of clip you’re looking to film. (Unless it is. GoPros can be pretty resilient. Check out this startling clip of a fox trying to eat a GoPro if you want proof.)

DIY gopro magentic mount

Probably one of the most fun hacks the folks at cooph¬†show (next to the forced perspective) is their “highspeed drops” hack. Sure, there a many ways of going about getting excellent drop photography, but this is a pretty inexpensive one that your kids will enjoy as much as you.

drop photography with a speed light

Overall, these hacks can bring out the play in any of us, large or small. Have you tried any? If so, let us know how it worked!

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