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Learning how to harness natural light in your photography and then bring out the best of it in post-processing are key skills for creating incredible imagery. Just ask travel photographer and author Mitchell Kanashkevich who has made a successful career traveling the world and documenting places seen by few. We were able to arrange a nearly 60% discount for PictureCorrect readers on his two best-selling eBooks. Simply remember to use the discount code PICTURECORRECT10, can be found here: Seeing the Light & Understanding Post-Processing

seeing the light guides

Seeing the Light & Understanding Post-Processing (Click to Learn More)

Seeing the Light is made up of three sections which cover the use of a flash, a reflector and natural light. After a short introduction to each type of light, you are presented with photographic examples, diagrams and descriptions, explaining the aim of particular setups and how the lighting effects in the example photos were achieved.

The aim of the eBook is to give you a general understanding of the main types of light, but its main purpose is to be a practical guide, to get you out there, shooting, experimenting and using light creatively in the field.

seeing the light pages

Pages from Seeing the Light

Understanding Post-Processing is a practical guide to post-processing of photographs in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The eBook briefly looks at the philosophy behind post-processing and aims to help you gain an understanding of those tools which are most relevant to making your images striking and powerful.

Five of Kanashkevich’s photographs are analyzed in-depth through a step-by step breakdown of the actions required to achieve the final look of each image – from opening up the .RAW files to applying the finishing touches in Photoshop.

understanding post processing

Pages from Understanding Post-Processing

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a tirelessly curious world wanderer and a travel/documentary photographer. His main passion lies in capturing disappearing ancient cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations. Much of his travel/documentary photography is represented by Getty and Corbis Images, while his cultural portraits, both colour and black and white are in the private collections of photo lovers and collectors worldwide.

How to Get These Guides Bundled Together:

Simply use the discount code picturecorrect10 at checkout. They come in PDF format so they are perfect references for tablet devices out in the field or on any computer.

They can be found here: Seeing the Light & Understanding Post-Processing

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