One Small Bag of Skateboard Photography Equipment for Any Situation

Suppose you want to shoot on location but you don’t have access to a car or a crew to move equipment. Impossible? With the right setup, it doesn’t have to be.

Photographers work and travel in all sorts of situations. The key to success is assembling an appropriate set of equipment that works for a given scenario, including schlepping on public transit. Matt Price, photographer for The Skateboard Mag, gives us an inside look at his mobile, compact gear kit that works for getting to and shooting at just about any locale:

Price is able to fit everything he needs for magazine-worthy skateboard photos into one over-the-shoulder camera bag. Inside the bag, you’ll find the following gear:

Resourceful use of his simplified kit eliminates the need for Price to carry light stands. He often sets flashes on the ground or found objects, like rocks or hydrants, to serve as makeshift light stands. Another trick that gives his photos a different look is the use of shoelaces to tie flashes onto fences. Because the placement of flashes without stands isn’t always precise, he compensates by zooming his flashes out until the light hits the subject.



The downside of storing all of your gear in a small bag is the difficulty in finding and removing gear from the kit when you need it. By using a compartmentalized camera bag, Price stays organized and knows exactly where to find each piece of camera gear.


Price’s photographs demonstrate his mastery of working with minimal equipment:


“You need shoelaces always. For everything.”

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4 responses to “One Small Bag of Skateboard Photography Equipment for Any Situation”

  1. David says:

    I DIED laughing where it says “Price‚Äôs photographs demonstrate his mastery of working with minimal equipment”. The guy has an INSANE amount of equipment. I’m tired of people making it like you have to have the top notch professional things in the world to make good photos.

  2. Len says:

    What a load of rubbish. How does he fire Nikon flashes from a canon camera? and how does he fit a pentax lens to a Canon camera!, I think this should be explained.

  3. Stephen says:

    That is QUITE a LOT of equipment.

    I regularly shoot skateboarders with 1 camera and 1 lens in the absolute smallest camera bag I can fit a DSLR in.

    Granted, I don’t use any type of external flash in my shots BUT that’s not the style of photos I’m after.
    To each his own, i guess.

    Still – that is nowhere near minimal.

  4. I think he’s trying to say that this is the minimum he will shoot with. Doesn’t mean you can’t get it done with less gear. Although flash is considered essential for skating by most pro photogs. Might seem like a lot of equipment if you are just starting out. Don’t be put off because someone has more equipment. Doesn’t matter if you shoot with the most expensive camera or the cheapest, what matters is your shooting. Build your kit over time and do research into what equipment to buy next. Second hand equip off until you can afford the premium stuff. Keep it simple, be creative and most of all have fun, easy stuff :)

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