On the Job with Paparazzi Photographers

Very rarely do the independent photographers that make up the paparazzi get portrayed in a positive light. In fact, legendary Italian film director Frederico Fellini once claimed that the word itself was rooted in the annoying buzzing of an insect.¬†Generally considered callous and invasive by the general public, it’s much easier for the outsider to see the paparazzi as pests rather than people.

What’s rarely discussed, however, is the sheer determination and quick improvisation that goes into photographing the celebrities we love going about their day to day lives:

In this documentary produced by the Elite Daily, seasoned paparazzi show off their photographic skills and explain to viewers the appeal behind their chaotic lifestyles. It soon becomes apparent that their jobs are by no means glamorous, but there’s no denying the exhilaration that fuels their never-ending search for the next best shot.

It’s easy to get lost in the high speed chases and cameras that the paparazzi thrive on each and every day. Their occupation plays out much like a high stakes scavenger hunt. Following leads and tips on the locations of the stars, each individual seeks to make an image worth the most money. Often times, this entails hurling oneself through crowds, angling around impromptu obstacles, and running after subjects on foot.

Crowd of paparazzi

Many of us take for granted the instant gratification and steady stream of stories that have become a standard in the news industry as a whole. However, the images we constantly consume don’t just make themselves. Although up and coming photographers struggle to gain acceptance in and outside the streets of Hollywood, they are the backbone of the entertainment industry.

“You have to have eyes everywhere, and when that tip comes in you have to be ready to go get it.”

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