Macro Water Splash Photography Tutorial at Home

The beauty of macro photography is that almost anything around you becomes a potential subject for you to photograph. With their ability to magnify to a life-size scale (or even higher), macro lenses allow you to transform a mediocre-looking subject into a stunning element. This is one good reason you can take beautiful macro photos almost anywhere, even in the comfort of your own home – like in your kitchen for example. In this video, we have photographer Micael Widell who shares some interesting tips on how you can take brilliant looking macro photos in your kitchen sink:

Widell’s idea is to photograph water splashes using a macro lens. And since the splashes are totally random, you never know what you’re going to capture. This is what makes this idea an interesting one.

As Widell demonstrates in the video, you can simply use a spoon or an egg-cup to “bounce” the water and create some interesting patterns. You can then use your macro lens and a flash to take the photos. Be sure to experiment with the camera and light angles to see the different kinds of looks you can get.

“Just place the flash at an angle from where you’re shooting.”

As with any other macro photos, you’ll need to be careful with your choice of depth of field. Depending on how close you are to the water, and the magnification level, you can work around f/8 and higher. However, be careful of the effects of diffraction as well as when choosing your aperture.

If you realize that the water droplets in your photos have motion blur, set your flash to low power. Remember, with flash, the lower the power, the quicker they are at freezing motion.

A cool trick that Widell uses is to make a black t-shirt the background. This greatly emphasizes the water drops and makes the overall image less distracting. Definitely worth a try!

If you’re ever stuck at home and want to take some photos, you’ve got to try this trick. It’ll sure be interesting to see what you capture.

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