Macro Photography: Tiny People Harvesting Candy

Usually by now, the Halloween costumes are put away and all the candy is gone. Well, except for the rock hard Bazooka bubble gum, year old lollipops, and broken pieces of candy corn found at the bottom of the bag. So, what to do with leftover Halloween candy? One hobbyist photographer, reddit user jaysunh, came up with a creative use for the candy that no one wants. Welcome to the real Candy Land:

To capture his photos of tiny people harvesting his leftover Halloween candy, jaysunh built his own light box using a big clear plastic tub. He cut out holes on the sides, front and top and covered the tub in a white shower curtain liner to act as a diffuser. He then added simple work lights with daylight bulbs around the box.

He used a Nikon D7000 and two lenses—a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro for close-ups and a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 for the wide shots.

His “ant people” were just little models he picked up at a hobby shop super cheap, so really the whole setup didn’t cost too much, and must have been so much fun to create! The result is a whimsical little series of photos that are sure to bring big smiles!

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