New: Lightroom for Landscapes Course

By breaking down even the most advanced techniques into simple steps. Professional landscape photographer Christopher O’Donnell shows you how to use Lightroom with focus, intent, and direction to create your very best landscapes. Stop hoping for the best with hit-or-miss techniques and develop a faster, easier, and more enjoyable darkroom workflow custom for you. Currently 70% off today. Found here: Lightroom for Landscapes at 70% Off

lightroom for landscapes

Lightroom for Landscapes (see inside)

First, you’ll learn the Tools.

Lightroom for Landscapes includes simple-to-follow (yet incredibly comprehensive) walkthrough video lessons of every tool in Lightroom Classic.

These 15 modules are spread out over 400 bite-sized lessons that target very specific tools and techniques…segmented into small, manageable steps.

Next, you’ll craft Workflows.

It’s not enough to know how and why a tool is used…it’s even more important to know how they can be leveraged to improve your workflow. A hammer is simple to use, but knowing how to use it to build a house is an entirely different story.

Through thoughtful lessons and creative exercises, you’ll learn how to trust your instincts and use that as your guide to developing your own processing techniques…which makes the darkroom clearer and more exciting.

Other key lessons about working on landscapes in Lightroom Classic:

Understand how Lightroom “thinks” and how to set up your best workspace.

One common thread O’Donnell noticed with photographers who struggle with Lightroom is that they don’t comprehend how it works fundamentally…and that is the biggest roadblock.

He shows you exactly how Lightroom connects to your images through the catalog (and what happens to your original photographs), how to import, export, and print your images the right way, and how to properly manage your catalog file(s), making Lightroom simple and fun to use.

landscape editing

Build and strengthen the tone, color, and contrast.

Flawless organization on auto-pilot.

Discover how to leverage the strongest features of the Library module for automated image organization and management. By using smart collections, keywords, virtual copies, and stacks…O’Donnell helps you create a simple and dynamic system for culling and organizing your images quickly…and will give you his personal tips for keeping your library tidy, simple, and VERY easy to manage.

Clean and enhance hidden details in your raw photographs.

Much like any creative medium, you need to properly “prime the canvas” for the creative stage. Sometimes, images are great straight-out-of the camera…but more often than not, they need some initial improvements. And if you’re using raw format, you’re leaving a LOT of detail on the table if you don’t know how to properly enhance your images.

Learn how to clear away distractions and pull hidden detail out of your shadows and highlights…unlocking the full benefits of raw and paving the way to an exceptional photograph.

Deepen your dynamic range with exposure blending.

Our cameras typically can not capture the full range of detail in a single frame…which often leaves your images looking lackluster compared to the scene you witnessed in the field (this is especially true for landscape photography).

Learn how to properly bracket and blend to create images that explode with vibrant colors and exceptional detail without any enhancement….for an impactful, yet completely natural-looking landscape photograph.

“Paint with light” through dodging and burning.

Dodging and burning is absolutely the number one method for enhancing the mood and atmosphere of your photographs, which makes it one of O’Donnell’s favorite processing techniques.

This incredible workflow allows you to literally paint light with a brush, carving out a path that leads the viewer through your frame…and he’ll show you a simple (yet versatile) technique that will give you the highest quality detail and color every time.

landscape edits lightroom

Paint light with a brush, carving out a path that leads the viewer through your frame.

Build and strengthen the tone, color, and contrast.

While there are many tools and techniques at your disposal, your time in the darkroom all comes down to:

  1. identifying your creative intent,
  2. enhancing the qualities that help to express that vision, and
  3. minimizing qualities that distract from it.

And that is achieved by strengthening the relationship between luminosity, color, and contrast…and finding a pleasing balance between all three.

Discover how to create and enrich your colors, enhance the atmosphere by directing light and shadow, and enhance detail and texture to bring attention to your focal points…all with a degree of control and quality that is simply not possible with just your camera.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to genuinely love the creative process when you realize just how simple it can be to build an extraordinary portfolio.

How to Get the Course for a Discount Today:

Lightroom for Landscapes is currently 70% off today if you want to take a look. The offer also comes with 3 bonuses: full workflow videos, creative assignments and lifetime access with updates.

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  1. Tom Toale says:

    What exactly are you selling here? Is there a manual? Is it online only? Is there a schedule? How long in total are the ‘classes’? Is there feedback? Is there an ‘expiration”? Is there really a box and if so what’s in it? It may be buried amongst the marketing hype but if so it’s not easy to find.

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