Light Skills – Essential Photographer’s Guide to Understanding Light

As a photographer understanding light is absolutely critical. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional – light is the most important element in photography. This new 125 page  in-depth tutorial eBook aims to educate photographers on the most critical and important aspects of harnessing light in photos. Found here: The Photographer’s Guide to Understanding Light

light skills

Fantastic Fundamental Light Skills

It’s no secret that light is essential to photography, and so it’s no big surprise that learning about it will help you improve.

But what is there to really understand about light?

Well, the more you understand how light works, the better your photos will be. The more you start to see how light affects everything around you, the better your photos will be. The more you know about the different qualities of light, and how they change the look and feel of your scene, the better your photos will be. And the more you practice controlling light, the better your photos will be.

But despite being so fundamental, light has actually been a pretty tricky thing to learn…until now!

understanding light

Understanding Light = Better Photos

This guide aims to help you understand the essentials of light so you can look at a scene, describe the light, and actually understand why it looks the way it does. And then you’ll know the options you have for controlling and changing that light to suit your tastes. 

What’s Covered (125 pages):

  • What Light Is (skip the long physics lesson and get right to what you need to know)
  • Why We See Anything at All
  • How We See Different Colors
  • Why Your Camera Sees Light Differently Than You See Light
  • Your Camera’s Light Meter
  • The 3 Ways That Light Behaves: Reflection, Absorption, and Transmission
  • Specular Reflection
  • Diffuse Reflection
  • The Law of Reflection
  • How to Identify Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights
phtoography lighting guide

Pages from Light Skills (Click to See More)

  • Dynamic Range
  • HDR Photography
  • Contrast
  • White Balance
  • The 4 Different Characteristics of Light: Direction, Quality, Intensity, and Color
  • Soft Light vs. Hard Light
  • Flattering Light for Portraits
  • The Inverse Square Law De-Mystified
  • The 3 Main Ways of Controlling Light in Your Photos
  • Window Light
  • Backlighting
light in photography

How light affects everything around you

Plus, when you purchase the ebook, you get the Light Skills Field Guide. This printable pocket guide contains the most essential light information, laid out in an easy-to-follow format so you can keep you favorite tips and tricks close by, wherever you go.

How to Get a Copy:

Comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablets (works great as a mobile reference out in the field).

Found here: The Photographer’s Guide to Understanding Light

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